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Professional Hospital Cleaning Service Orlando

Maid Services Orlando understands the importance of cleaning in medical facilities. They use only the best hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants to clean these surfaces, with meticulous attention to detail. Clean Team also understands the dire consequences of not taking cleaning seriously in medical facilities. From patient safety, confidence, HCAHPS scores, reputation, and more, not cleaning properly could have serious repercussions.

Why use our Hospital Cleaning Service in Orlando, FL?

Maid Services Orlando is a company that specializes in aseptic cleaning. We have a deep understanding of the differences between clean, contamination-free, and sterile. In order to avoid infection among patients, we use only the best hospital-grade cleaning products, such as disinfectants and detergents, as well as charge buckets and broad spectrum cleaners.

We know that your facility is important to you. That's why we take great pride in never missing a day of service. We understand the importance of having a clean environment to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, and germs. We'll leave the dirty work to you while we come in to take care of your business everyday.

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Maid Service

We clean your home as though it were our own. In fact, the final step in our recruitment process is for newly-trained cleaners to clean the homes of our management team, before starting work for our customers.

Disinfection Service

We are using advanced technology to effectively and efficiently clean even the most hard-to-reach surfaces with electrostatic disinfecting fogging.


We understand that your industry and your workplace come with their own unique set of needs, which is why our dedicated team will work one-on-one to determine the best schedule, plan, and services for your facility.

Professional cleaning service, with a personal touch.

Maid Services Orlando Cleaning Services is committed to improving the health and safety of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Our staff is proud to provide these institutions with thorough and hygienic services, such as cleaning and disinfecting work environments, making them inviting and productive for visitors.