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Professional Restaurant Cleaning Service Orlando

We know how hectic a restaurant can be. Whether a restaurant is a small business with a few staff members, or a huge corporation with many employees, restaurant cleaning services can be an invaluable addition to any establishment. As a result of a clean restaurant, guests are more comfortable and feel safer, there are fewer health risks, and the sense of peace and calm is palpable.

Why use our Restaurant Cleaning Service in Orlando, FL?

You want your restaurant to look clean and sanitary. But who should you hire to get the job done? Hiring commercial cleaning services can be a great move for restaurants. They may have the best equipment to thoroughly sanitize your kitchen and degrease high-volume kitchens. 

Cleaning is a serious business. We at Maid Service Orlando take great pride in our work and are obsessively concerned with customer satisfaction. Our well-trained employees have years of experience in the industry and employ the latest technologies, safety procedures, and education. Restaurant Cleaners guarantees an outstanding level of professionalism in our cleaning services.

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Equipment Cleaning
Trash Bins/Garbage Area


Floors/Carpet Swept, Moped, Vacuumed
Tables and Chairs moved cleaned under
Wall hangings

Windows Interior/Exterior
Doors cleaned

Professional cleaning service, with a personal touch.

It's vital that your restaurant remains clean and sanitary. A dirty restaurant is a serious threat to the health of the people who eat there. If this is not taken care of, your restaurant could end up with violations or even food poisoning. Let the cleaning experts at Maid Services Orlando help. We specialize in restaurant cleaning services so every area of your restaurant—from the kitchen to the restrooms—is well-maintained, sanitized, and thoroughly cleaned.